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Crisp Lavender Cookies

What does lemon verbena have to do with bike riding and Lavender Cookies? Let me tell you…

It all started with my husband’s bike riding and running (he is so addicted to it). A couple of years ago after his bike rides or runs he would come in and tell me about a beautifully landscaped yard just one block from our house. He would stop look and sometimes take pictures. Not too long afterwards I became friends with Susan, the homeowner and person responsible for this beautiful yard. She’s a Master Gardener so that explains what is going on in her front and back yard. Susan joined our bunco group then garden club and I always look to her for advice on plants.

I have always said my husband is the one who should be in our garden club because he does ALL our yard work. Sure, I buy plants, tend my herbs and fairy garden but he’s the one responsible for any green thumb activity going on in our yard.

So, on a recent garden club field trip, Susan brought along these wonderful, crunchy Lemon Verbena cookies, which taste somewhere between a pecan sandy and a shortbread cookie and a buttery flavor (they have 2 cups butter) that had you wanting a second and third cookie (I was good that day and had 1/2 a cookie.). If my husband didn’t exercise so much, I might not have ever met Susan who gave me this recipe. Susan got the recipe from Henry Flowers who is the Garden Director at the Round Top Festival Institute and coordinator of the Herbal Forum.

I planned on making these with grandsons Oliver and Charlie while we were visiting in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. The recipe called for lemon verbena leaves and I knew I wouldn’t find on our visit to the windy city and I wasn’t home to go bum some off Susan.

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