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Chicken Salad For The New Year

Start the year with a healthy salad.

About now everyone is probably thinking “how can I take off those extra pounds I put on over the holidays”. I put on .6 of a lb. xmas week but probably did more damage New Years than that and I will be saying “yikes” how did I gain that much just letting go for a few days. Well, whatever the numbers say, I’ll deal with it because putting those extra pounds on was quite fun and who wants to past up fun times with friends and family.

So, this recipe idea started with a segment on the Today show New Years day with how to make extra meals from a grilled chicken. I changed the recipe so much that I decided to rename it. I swapped the carrot with tomato, added avocado and changed the walnuts to pistachios. I also decided to do a quick pickle on the broccoli stems instead of cooking them and when it was all put together I decided to add a little dried cranberries for color and their recipe morphed into a new recipe.

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Chicken Salad Avocado Boats

I love anything stuffed into an avocado.

Over my 20 years of catering I have made so many types of chicken salad. One of my favorites (I lifted from a tea room and then made better by smoking my own chicken rather than using deli turkey) is a smoked chicken salad that has fresh spinach leaves chopped up and hard boiled eggs along with mayo and chicken that I smoked on the smoker. You would not believe what difference the chicken makes in this salad when it is smoked.

I have done chicken salads with grapes, oranges, some have an Asian flair (which are some of my favorites). Some of my recipes have melted butter and curry added to the dressings, and some even have fried chicken skin as a garnish. I really need to pick out some of my favorites and post them.

It’s nice to have some left over chicken from dinner that you can turn into a whole NEW meal the next day. We are not huge leftover fans in this house. If I freeze leftovers then I can pull out later for a meal; but to eat the same thing later in the week has never gone over that well with us.

What makes the chicken in this recipe so special is that one night my husband cooked a chicken on our rotisserie grill. He picked some fresh herbs out of our herb garden and used some dried ones also. He stuffed them inside the chicken and oiled and rubbed some of the herbs along with a little sugar on the outside and produced a crispy skinned chicken with a tiny bit of sweetness to go along with all the other seasonings. He is turning out to be quite a good cook. My dad would be so proud of his grilling techniques. They use to always compare notes when it came to cooking things on the grill.

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