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Almond Cherry Clafoutis

What’s a clafoutis anyway?

Do you love cherries as much as I do? If so, you will love this clafoutis.

So today when I did a routine clean-out of my refrigerator, and there is nothing routine about cleaning my refrigerator, I happened to notice two partial bags of cherries so I was motivated to find something to do with them. We can get fresh cherries year round here in Texas, just not at the summer prices.

Pronounced, kla-foo-TEE, a Cherry Clafoutis or Clafouti is a rustic French dessert made with cherries arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a flan-like batter then baked and dusted with powdered sugar and served warm. We had many rustic French desserts and pastries while in France this year but I never saw this one on a menu.

I’m serving my clafoutis with whipped cream flavored with almond extract. Some recipes call for not taking out the pits because they are suppose to release a wonderful almond flavor when the dessert is baked. The other member of my household does not like anything with a pit, so unless I want to sit and use a cherry pitter (I love my pitter) and pit him a bowlful, I’m the only one eating those cherries. After what he has done for me during both knee recoveries, I should be cutting his meat and spoon feeding him.

There are so many versions of this online, some are almost bread pudding like and some flan like. I think this is somewhere in between.

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