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Caramel Apple Cake with Rum Sauce

A gazillion varieties of apples!

This recipe started out to be titled “Teacup Apple Cake” recipe but after baking some of the leftover batter in a hollowed out apple, I decided to rename the recipe and make the apple stuffed cake the star.

I would love to say that this is an old tattered, smudged, stained family recipe that made it’s way to my recipe box (computer cookbook) via a covered wagon coming over the Oregon Trail to find it’s way to some family member’s home. But, truth be told, it’s a recipe that I either clipped, copied, or ripped quietly from a magazine while impatiently waiting in some small office for some procedure I probably was not looking forward to.

I remember my mother making baked apples with red hot candies melting into a gooey sugary syrup as they baked in the oven and three kids anxiously awaiting the ding of the timer. Back then the only variety of apples I knew about were Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples. I didn’t care about the difference, I just knew I loved baked apples no matter the variety.

This time of the year, anything cooking in the oven with the aroma of apples is waving a big flag saying “Fall is HERE”. Pork with apples – delectable; a spinach salad with sauteed apples and pears – alluring. Apple tarts, cakes, Mississippi Spice Muffins, a 4″ high double crusted apple pie served a la mode and even an apple martini served with an apple ring teetering on the edge of the glass makes you want to run to the market and check out the gazillion varieties of apples. I found this site listing varieties of apples — and did not realize that there are still so many kinds of apples I still have not tried.

I love making this recipe in a coffee cup too, but you could just as easily make it in any size or shape pan. With or without ice cream it is delicious with the warm rum sauce. I have to say that my favorite way was baked inside the apple. I let my husband have a little of it but it was so good, I ended up finishing the dessert and then just gave him a plain one in the coffee cup with the rum sauce. He was satisfied but next time I will make them all baked in the apples. For Thanksgiving (or the day after), I bought enormous apples and plan on cutting them in half crosswise, hollowing them out and filling with cake batter or you could simply use small apples but they may be harder to keep intact when carving out the inside.

Ok, get in the car and go buy some apples.

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