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Breakfast tart

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Sunny Morning Breakfast Tart

Worth making for a weekend breakfast.

Happy Easter everyone. I’m sure you already have your Easter morning breakfast planned but keep this in mind the next time you want something special.

I promise not to say breakfast is my least favorite meal ever again.  I keep saying that and yet I keep coming up with more breakfast recipes to share with you. I think most of the ones I post here are probably not something I would make during the week but something I want to try for a lazy weekend breakfast treat or most would be wonderful to serve to visiting guest or maybe for that Sunday brunch you have been wanting to have.

This is one recipe I will definitely be making for my daughter and her husband while helping with the baby (or household chores) when we are there (soon).

I look forward to greeting the new baby and I also looking forward to being able to cook for them for a few days OR until they kick us out. I told them up front we could stay as long as we are needed but don’t feel bad saying it’s time to go.  What is it they say about fish after three days?

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