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Summer Fruit Shortcake


Shortcake doesn’t have to be just made with strawberries or spongy cakes.

Are you looking for an easy light summer dessert? Look no further than this Summer Fruit Shortcake.

This isn’t make with those little round store-bought shortcakes you get next to the strawberry section of the grocery. Who really likes those anyway once covered with strawberries and the cake turns all mushy.

My daughter, Alexis, made a shortcake once that was like a biscuit and had hard boiled egg yolk as one of the ingredients. That was a very good shortcake and I just discovered that the recipe was first published by James Beard and was one of his mother’s recipes. The hard boiled yolk adds to the richness of the shortcake without making it tough.

This Summer Fruit Shortcake doesn’t have either a biscuit or cake type ingredient but is made the way my mother made shortcake and that is with a pie crust baked to golden crisp perfection and then broken into pieces and put beneath a bunch of summer fruit and topped with some REAL whipped cream.

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