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Eggs Rothko

Easy, beautiful, and delicious!

Have you ever been to a Rothko exhibit or maybe the Rothko Chapel in Houston? Well the first time I saw a group of Rothko paintings was when my oldest son and I went to Houston for the day to visit a few museums. He wanted to show me the Rothko Chapel and I remember my first impression when I walked into the chapel and what I said, “they are all black”.  I mean black on black, black floor, black painted walls. You really needed a flashlight to find your way around the room.

Now, what fun is that. Then when we were in Spain last fall, we went to so many museums and saw just about every famous painting in the world. I remember meandering in and out of rooms and suddenly I’m standing in front of a Rothko painting and thinking to myself – “I know this artist”. Sure enough it was a Rothko. But this painting was not black but all shades of orange to yellow. Even though I love wearing black because I think it’s going to take away a few pounds, I love color and this painting of Rothko was so much more exciting than a whole room of black art.

So what could a black or even an orange painting have to do with this Eggs Rothko recipe. I don’t know, but, a couple of years ago while in NYC we took the subway over to Brooklyn to have breakfast at this tiny little restaurant called The Pig and Egg and had this wonderful egg dish called Eggs Rothko. I wrote down all the ingredients and intended to make it some day and until last week, I totally forgot about wanting to make this.

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Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods/ Sauces

Eggs Benedict with a Twist

Eggs Benedict revisted.

Don’t you just love finding an updated recipes; recipes that have been around for years and have been given a new twist to make it a little more exciting. I think it is time that a dish like Eggs Benedict get that make over. Is it possible to improve on an English muffin, topped with Canadian bacon, poached egg and hollandaise — of course it is and what an improvement.

Last year on a trip to New Orleans we had breakfast at Dantes Kitchen. The Shrimp and Grits were great, the steak and eggs made with tenderloin, Bearnaise sauce and poached eggs were fantastic and the twist on their Dante’s Eggs Benedict was tasty and interesting. I also had my first milk punch which I can’t wait to make for brunch sometime.

If I had to scrimp on anything on a trip, it would not be on the restaurant or the food. Give me a room with a bed and I’m happy. But, please, don’t make me eat at some fast food, chain restaurant. To me, the best part of traveling is trying new restaurants and food that I haven’t made or eaten before.

So, this Eggs Benedict started with a homemade buttermilk biscuit with a little honey, topped with a slice of rosemary rubbed pork loin, and a poached egg and hollandaise. Like always, I’m thinking, hey, I can make that and here’s my version.

I had some thick cut boneless pork loin roast in my freezer so I sliced it thin, rubbed it with rosemary and olive oil and grilled it quickly on both sides. A little honey, egg and hollandaise and you have the newly dressed Eggs Benedict.

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Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods

Souffled Cheddar Egg Nest

Great way to start the day. So elegant looking but easy to make.

This souffled egg cup was topped with a jalapeno creme fraiche.

I have said before that breakfast has always been my least favorite meal of the day. If I have to scramble eggs, I will turn them into migas (scrambled eggs with onion, jalapeno, tomato, cheese and at the end you throw in a handful of crunched up tortilla chips.). If my husband wants a fried egg I usually talk him into Toad In A Hole (bread with hole cut out, buttered, grilled and you drop a cracked egg in the hole and continue cooking). If I want a extra special boiled egg, I will make Scotch Eggs (peeled boiled egg, surround in pork sausage, brushed with egg and dipped in bread crumbs and fried). Well this egg dish is no ordinary egg either. It looks hard to make but very easy and will delight your weekend guests or do it just for your family.

I first saw this recipe at Sugarlaws blog and I think she got the idea from Eating-SF. Who ever made it first, thank you. I love this recipe. I have added a few extra things. For a garnish I did use some jalapeno lime cream fraiche that I had made the night before to go with some fish tacos. On some of the cups I added fried bacon to the bottom of the cups before adding the whites. I like the surprise at the bottom of the dish. I also sprinkled a little bacon on top of some when they came out of the oven.  A side of toast would be great to dip in the egg yolks that are still runny when you take them out of the oven.

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Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods

Ham and Egg Brunch Cups

Who doesn’t like ham and eggs!

Every time we make a trip to Austin to see the kids I try and catch up on the Dexter series. We don’t subscribe to Showtime and I have already rented the first two seasons but the third season is not out on DVD yet. On this last trip to Austin, I finally made it through the last show of the fourth season. So, lately when I think of ham and eggs, I think of the intro to Dexter where he is cutting through a thick slice of  ham and a big shake of hot sauce splashes across his eggs. Yum!

I first tasted this recipe at a Williams Sonoma technique class that I helped with. They were so easy and the girl teaching the class told the attendees, “I don’t cook, and if I can make these, so can you”. Well, they are super fast, easy and delicious.  Working at Williams Sonoma gives me the opportunity (occasionally) to look through some of our wonderful cookbooks. This recipe happens to come from Gail Gand’s “Brunch” book. Although I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly, I did on this one because it is perfect the way it is.

I could not get two eggs in my muffin pans so I don’t know if Gail uses a jumbo muffin pan or had double yolk eggs. Recently I purchased a dozen eggs at a local “gourmet” store and every egg in the carton was a double yolk. Now these would be perfect for this dish. I’m going back to this store soon to see if they are labeled “double yolk” eggs. I always feel like I am getting a bonus when I find a double yolk.

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