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Chocolate Mint Brownie Dessert

In honor of St. Patty’s Day!

How do I describe St. Pat’s Day at UMR (Univ. of MO.-Rolla) where my husband went to college and where I showed up for every St. Patrick’s day to help celebrate the holiday.

Well, green food from the frat house, green mashed potatoes, milk, beer, all the guys sporting beards (or trying to – took my husband all year to grow one) and helping to build (or add the paper) to the floats that were all mechanical and unbelievable; but what would you expect from an engineering school.

So, when bunco rolled around this month and the hostess said “think green” for St. Patrick’s Day my first thought goes back to Rolla and where we spent the first year of our married life; and I have to say, living next door to the frat house was fun, and I remember a few guys showing up all the time for food; I guess I have always liked feeding people.

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Julia’s Berry Clafoutis

So what is a clafoutis anyway?

You should make this while you can still get those beautiful, juicy summer berries.

A clafoutis is a French baked dessert of fruit, traditionally black cherries that are arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a batter that is somewhere between a cake and custard. And, when it is dusted with that messy but breathtaking delicious powdered sugar it makes a dessert that you want to hide away from everyone and keep it all for yourself.

If the dish contains anything other than the traditional cherry then it is supposed to be called a flaugnarde. But, if “clafoutis” is good enough for Julia Childs, who am I to argue with a name.

Several years ago I made an Almond Cherry Clafoutis and have made it several times since. The consistency of my Cherry Clafoutis was definitely between a custard and cake but this recipe of Julia’s is more cake-like that mine.

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Summer Fruit Shortcake

Shortcake doesn’t have to be just made with strawberries or spongy cakes.

Are you looking for an easy light summer dessert? Look no further than this Summer Fruit Shortcake.

This isn’t make with those little round store-bought shortcakes you get next to the strawberry section of the grocery. Who really likes those anyway once covered with strawberries and the cake turns all mushy.

My daughter, Alexis, made a shortcake once that was like a biscuit and had hard boiled egg yolk as one of the ingredients. That was a very good shortcake and I just discovered that the recipe was first published by James Beard and was one of his mother’s recipes. The hard boiled yolk adds to the richness of the shortcake without making it tough.

This Summer Fruit Shortcake doesn’t have either a biscuit or cake type ingredient but is made the way my mother made shortcake and that is with a pie crust baked to golden crisp perfection and then broken into pieces and put beneath a bunch of summer fruit and topped with some REAL whipped cream.

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Lemon Sorbet with Mint Marigold Syrup and Meringue Bark

Put those marigolds in your yard to good use.

Don’t you just love beautiful desserts. Sometimes they look better than they taste. There is nothing worse than seeing, wanting, buying and eating a beautiful dessert only to find that it was all looks and nothing in the taste department.

You should know by now that I love copying or trying to recreate something I’ve eaten at a restaurant. It’s not like going to someone’s house and you love something and ask the hostess for the recipe and she’ll give it to you. You have to do a little detective work sometimes.

A few weeks ago, I met my daughter, Alexis for lunch in Austin at Olemaie. I always want what the person next to me ordered. This girl had a bowl that looked like salad, had some interesting greens, sprouts, fennel etc on top but it was a bowl of dumplings and not salad at all. The most delicious drop dumplings I’ve ever had and I didn’t think I even liked “dropped” dumplings and the bowl had pieces of fermented carrot floating in the broth along with the dumplings. Of course we ordered their BISCUITS which are not on the menu at all; they are a secret and only people knowing about then, know to order them. I’d read about them before going there. $10 for three biscuits with honey butter and it was the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time. Big square biscuits, brown and crunchy on all sides and soft in the middle. (Of course, I’m trying to find out how they made them and I did read some of their secrets which I will be trying.)

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Peppermint Delight

Born again! and just in time for St. Pat’s Day.

This is a born again dessert recipe. Over the last few years I’ve been watching Paula Deen and Pioneer Woman make desserts and recipes that my mother use to make back in the 50’s and 60’s and now on Facebook all these old recipes that we grew up with are popping up all over the place. I think anyone under 50 would have never been treated to some of these family favorites.

This particular recipe is one that my sister, Terry, and I put in our Double Delight Cookbook that we did many years ago and came from one of her friends in Caruthersville.

What a fitting dessert for a St. Patrick’s Day party or anytime in the month of March when you are looking for something green to make. One year I was desperate for something green to make to celebrate St. Pat. and made these Green Velvet Cakes in a jar. I should make an Irish dinner every year since my husband’s grandmother’s family came from Ireland (grandfather’s from Scotland). My favorite Irish side dish has to be Potatoes Colcannon which is mashed potatoes mixed with some sautéed cabbage and onions and topped with cheese. I’ve only prepared corn beef like once so maybe this year with our new outdoor kitchen we can try doing it outside on the smoker. Throw in some green beer and some other green foods and some decorations and we can have a party.

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Christmas Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

And I thought I didn’t like bread pudding!

Are you a connoisseur of bread pudding? Do you have your favorite kind of bread, or ingredients? What kind of sauce do you like, Cognac sauce, whiskey, or bourbon or rum sauce?

Honestly, I have always said I don’t like bread pudding; guess I thought it was like just eating more bread with your meal, and who needs that. Then one year I made a Pumpkin Bread Pudding for a catering job and was told by someone who it was one of the best she had eaten. I still didn’t try that recipe until recently and I have to say I enjoyed it very much.

This Christmas Bread Pudding is a recipe from Boudro’s Restaurant in San Antonio and I’ve been told by a friend’s husband (who is a connoisseur of bread puddings) that it is one of the best he has tasted. I decided to change the raisins in Boudro’s recipe to golden raisins and to keep with the season I will add dried cranberries in place of the raisins when I make this Christmas Day.

The name was changed to “Christmas Bread Pudding” because this seems like the perfect dessert for your Christmas dinner and you have to make it before everyone starts counting those nasty calories in January.

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Very Berry Breakfast Pudding

Very Berry Breakfast…..

Could there be anything better than a bread pudding for breakfast? This isn’t called a bread pudding probably because who would eat bread pudding for breakfast? Call it Very Berry Breakfast Pudding and it has one drooling over the name alone and you don’t have to wait for dessert to eat it.

The making of bread pudding can be traced back to the 11 and 12th centuries and is popular in many countries with each one having their own twist to the recipe. I’m sure bread pudding came about when there was leftover stale bread in the house and not wanting to waste anything the homemaker added this and that to it and came up with a scrumptious dessert; in this case a breakfast treat.

There are two kinds of websites I like to look to for recipes, Bed and Breakfast sites and Winery sites; I have found delicious recipes from both sites; and this “pudding” will be a welcome breakfast treat any time.

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Peach and Cherry Custard

I Scream, You Scream, We all SCREAM for Blue Bell!

Ok, Blue Bell, you’ve had months to get back on the shelves and we are all growing impatient. I wanted some ice cream last weekend to go with a dessert I was making for company and I was at a loss to know what brand to buy. I’ve bought Blue Bell since moving to Texas and as far as I’m concerned there is no others that compare. Maybe Hagen Daz but who wants to pay twice as much for a cup of ice cream.

So, I have decided if I can’t have Blue Bell I will just make my own. I have many ice cream recipes on the blog that I love; and I like to come up with one or two more to try in the summer months when nothing else sounds better for dessert than a bowl, cup or cone of ice cream.

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Pavlova with Fresh Fruit

A little tutu dessert for u.

Are you one of those people who always turns down dessert in a restaurant? Usually I am only because I’m too full to enjoy it. I will never give up desserts; I don’t make them all the time but when I do, I’m not only going to eat it, I’m going to enjoy it. Life is too short to say I’m NEVER going to eat certain things.

If you didn’t already know it, Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after a famous Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, and it is believed to have been created in her honor after one of her tours to Australia and New Zealand back in the 20’s.

I like to make individual meringue shells and they look like puffy little tutus that are filled with whipped cream and fruit.

This is a perfect little dessert for any summer time gathering or do it just for yourself. My meringue shells were made the day before and were put them in an airtight container to stay crisp until the next day. I chose kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to fill mine.

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Grilled Pineapple Dessert

A great little summer dessert.

Looks like summer is here; can you believe that? Do you have your summer all planned out yet? We don’t. We are in the process of having an outdoor kitchen built and not sure how long that is going to take. We will be doing some babysitting for the grandsons this summer which should be a lot of fun and hoping to squeeze a trip or two sometime before the Fall.

This dessert is so easy to make for any of your outdoor parties where you already have your grill heated. In fact, you could cook the pineapple in advance and just serve it room temperature, then you don’t have your ice cream melting which is one of my complaints about warm desserts that are served with ice cream.

Remember when there were regular pineapples and then there were the new ones coming to the markets called “gold” pineapples. Now, that is all you see in the market. There are all sorts of test for checking the ripeness of fruits (scent, sight and feel). Pulling the center leaves from a pineapple does not tell you whether it is ripe or not. I just found this out and I have been using that technique for years. Probably a lot of my other methods of picking the most perfect piece of fruit or produce isn’t accurate either.

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Peach and Raspberry Enchiladas with Creme Fraiche

Cobbler like with some crunch.

A while back, with nothing to do, I was looking around on Pinterest. I know there are probably a million things I could be doing but not many I want to be doing. An Apple Enchilada recipe just jumped off the page at me and I was held hostage long enough to find the site it came from and “Pinned” this into my “try” list.

I’m not a huge apple fan and it’s probably last on my list of fruit favorites. So when I saw that Cornfed Momma‘s recipe suggested substituting peaches or cherries, I knew where I was going with the recipe — peaches and raspberries since I probably still have about 25 packages of frozen raspberries I bought back in the fall.

I love making creme fraiche and always wonder why anyone would pay $5 for it from the grocery when with a cup of cream and a little buttermilk and 24 hours you can have a cup of the delicious topping that can be used for anything; and instead of serving with ice cream like CM did, I’m using a cinnamon cream fraiche.

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Frozen Fruit with Hot White Chocolate

What’s not to like about Hot White Chocolate!

I’m sure most of you (wherever you live) are absolutely, unequivocally sick of all this snow, ice, rain, dampness, cloudy and gloomy days we are all experiencing this winter.

Well, I have a recipe for you. The frozen fruit will remind you of what you want to leave behind and that you are ready to move on to Spring. And the warm white chocolate smoothly flowing over and coating the frozen fruit, thawing it has it runs down the dish, should bring promise of all that melting snow you may be experiencing now. So, a little bit of winter, hopefully in our rear view mirrors, and Spring ahead of us.

What would I do without Ina Garten. I love watching her show and watching her gather her ingredients at her local markets. I had this dessert at my friend, Peggy’s, and knew I would be making it again; and I did, again, and again, and again. You can change up your fruits. My favorites are raspberries, blueberries, cherries, and blackberries. Any fruits can be used, just make sure you freeze them. (Strawberries freeze a little too hard for me, almost like ice cubes.)

The day I served this to my craft circle group (only seven of us in my section) I used frozen cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Anyone that can’t eat the seeds simply use fruits without seeds like the cherries and peaches.

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