Welcome to Rosemary and the Goat! This blog is a collaboration of family members who love food, wine, cooking, eating, and everything in between (except doing the dishes!)

About me:

I have been married for almost 46 years and have raised three children who all love good food and cooking. I attended culinary school back in my 40’s (wow that makes me sound old) and from that time knew that I wanted to do catering. I have been catering for over 20 years. I love seeing people enjoy my food and strive to add new things to my menu but there are the old standbys that I can’t get away from because people are always requesting those items. Many of those I have put here on the blog.

I started the blog because I wanted to share my love for cooking and trying new and adventurous things. Two of my kids have blogged here also and I’m constantly trying to get them to post something new they have made.

I have lived in the beautiful state of Texas for the last 25 years.

When traveling anywhere in the world I love taking cooking classes. I have taken classes in France, Italy, Napa, CA, Charleston, SC, New Orleans, LA and I can’t wait for my next culinary experience. We also love talking walking food tours when visiting a city known for its food.

Looking around:

You will see an index at the top and also on the right side of the page. Some of the items may be in multiple categories. I have listed some of my all time Foodie Movies and also a category with helpful sites. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the post of what you think of the recipe or any thoughts you may have on the subject.

The name: Now where did that name come from? Well a friend once gave me the recipe for the easiest appetizer EVER. You simply infuse some fresh rosemary with olive oil, roll the goat cheese in some additional fresh rosemary and then pour the rosemary oil over the cheese and serve with some fresh baguette slices — ROSEMARY AND THE GOAT. That recipe is under cold appetizers.

Subscribing: If you are interested in being notified by email when I post a new recipe, please subscribe. It’s free, and how many things are free these days.

Contact: You can contact me by email at slmichie@comcast.net if you have any questions.

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