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by on October 16th, 2015

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8 comments to Crisp Lavender Cookies

  • Janet N. Russell

    Yum….I am much older than the Chicago guys but I did get to eat two of these delicious cookies. They are definitely worth making!

  • Susan Pennock

    Sherry…I was so impressed to see your grandsons helping you with this cookie recipe. Looks like they are going to take after you. Makes me smile seeing the pictures! I knew they would love them, and I dare anyone to eat just one!
    Susan Pennock

  • Missy

    Oliver and Charlie want more of these cookies, NOW! I hope they can help me make them!

  • I wish I was there to help you make them. You don’t have to have the herbs or flowers to make these. I just bought the one flower the guy suggested that starts with a “c” don’t have it handy now or I would tell you what it is. Turns out it is a kind of marigold. Soon as it starts to grow I will try these because the yellow petals would be beautiful. I’m also thinking about trying to put some chopped edible flowers from the grocery. Wouldn’t that be beautiful with pinks, purples and yellows in a cookie.

  • This is scrumptious. I’m using it for appetizer this evening. Full of flavor. Thanks Sherry

  • All the GS’s are learning to cook, even Thomas who isn’t even 2 yet. I want to try these cookies using edible flowers. I think they will be beautiful.

  • Heather

    Did you mean 2 cups of butter (4 sticks) or just 2 sticks?

  • Heather, I went back and looked at the original recipe and it does call for 2 cups (4 sticks). I only show 2 sticks in the picture so it was misleading I guess. Or, I could have been making half a recipe. Sorry about the confusion.