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by on November 16th, 2014

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7 comments to Amalgamation Cake

  • Janet Russell

    THIS CAKE IS OUTSTANDING!!!! I plan to bake the cake and take it to my husband’s family Christmas Party where the hoards gather at his cousin’s home. Traditionally everyone brings the ‘same olde traditional item’. This will be our contribution as a new tradiation.

  • Terri

    Been looking for someone to bake this cake for the holidays and most people I talk to have no idea what this cake is.im from Lake County,Tn and my great great grandmother used to make months ahead of time and freeze and serve own Christmas DayBeen looking for someone who made but can’t find anyone so I’m going try making myself.

  • I love this cake. Did you make it? And was it a hit?

  • Tony

    I’m from ridgeway my mother inlaw used to make this cake small world I was wandering if I new you I live in north Alabama now

  • Deborah Herren

    My Grandmother was from Ridgely, Tn in Lake County and this sounds like the recipe she used to make us one and mail it to us in Alabama. My sister is going to try making it this year and Im hoping this is the recipe I remember. I remember the blackberry jam so this sounds promising!

  • No, I live in The Woodlands, TX

  • Helen Bell

    My mother made this cake every year for Christmas and was my favorite thing she made. Even as a child I looked forward to this cake each year. We lived in Lake county at the time but moved to Benton county where I still live.