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by on November 29th, 2011

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5 comments to Fried Avocado with Egg

  • How did I not know this existed?!? This is brilliant!

  • You should put a notebook and pen next to your bed…I have the same problem, especially if I’m planning something food related, I won’t sleep because I’m thinking about what I want to make.

  • Perfect for a starter! I love the way you did it…. but I would probably take the easy way out and cut the avocado ‘ring’ in half to frame the poached egg… LOL

  • Katie, that may be an easier way. End results would be the same. Michelle, as I said I saw an avocado slice with an egg in the center and it got me to thinking what a fried avocado might be like with an egg, then I happened to have some homemade creme fraiche and pico and thought, why not. Carrie, I sleep with my iPhone right next to the bed so I’m always making notes in “evernote”. — Sherry

  • […] FROM THE PAST: Fried Avocado with Egg is another great little breakfast item. You can make fried avocado slices to surround the egg if […]