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by on June 21st, 2011

Blackberry French Toast

It’s blackberry pickin’ time again.

Last year was my first time to pick blackberries and I couldn’t wait to go again this year. So, armed with some bug spray, sun screen, and some bottles of water, we set out for the farm to pick-pick-pick until we had enough to last for months in my freezer.

Was it ever hot the day we picked the berries. I picked about 12 lbs. before I finally said “uncle” and gave up. It was hot as blue blazes, but did I get some beauties! A couple were the size of a golf ball and I had those laid out on a plate alongside a golf ball to take a picture for you and before I could, someone in my house and I won’t say who (but there are only two of us here) ate the golfball size blackberries.

I don’t know about you, but when I go picking, whether it is strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or any other kind of fruit I seem to get really picky.  I look for the plumpest berries I can find, stopping occasionally to pop one or two into my mouth. I don’t think I have ever seen a sign that says “no tasting”. If there were such a sign I would just hold my breath on the way out and hope they don’t ask to see my tongue. If they did, they would find a tongue stained purple from the berries I have been sampling. You have heard of “taste test” haven’t you?

Why is it when we pick things ourselves the foods we prepare with our bounty seems so much better. I made my own peach preserves last year and can’t wait to do it again this year.  Even though I don’t eat preserves that often, someone will benefit from my making it though I’m sure. I don’t ever use acronyms when texting or typing but for this recipe, all I can say is OMG this is a delicious recipe.

So on father’s day my husband had something more special than his bowl of Cheerios.

Proof from my cell phone that I actually did go pick blackberries. We found so many that were 4 times the size of the above berries. I ate those though before they made it into my bucket.

Yum, can hardly wait.

Layers of bread, cream cheese and berries.

The egg/milk mixture goes on next.

The sauce cooks until thickened.

Beautifully baked Blackberry French Toast.

Blackberry French Toast

6 slices day old white bread with crust removed (I used French Bread)
4 oz. cream cheese
1 c. fresh or frozen blackberries
6 eggs
1 c. milk
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
5 1/2 Tbsp. maple syrup or honey

1 c. sugar
2 Tbsp. cornstarch
1 c. water
1 c. fresh blackberries, or frozen
1 Tbsp. butter

Cut bread into 1 inch cubes; place half is a greased 13x9x2 baking dish. Cut cream cheese into 1 inch cubes; place over bread. Top with blackberries and remaining bread. In a large bowl, beat eggs. Add milk, cinnamon, and syrup; mix well. Pour over bread mixture. Cover and chill 8 hours or overnight.

Remove from refrigerator 30 minutes before baking. Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Uncover; bake 25-30 minutes more, or until golden brown and the center is set.

For blackberry sauce: In a saucepan, combine sugar and corn starch; add water. Bring to a boil over medium heat; boil for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Stir in blackberries; reduce heat. Simmer for 8-10 minutes or until berries burst. Stir in butter until melted. Serve over french toast. Yield: 6-8 servings (1 3/4 cups of sauce).

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2 comments to Blackberry French Toast

  • Lynn

    Hey, Can hardly wait to try this one. I am going to go this weekend and get some blueberries.


  • Let me know if there are still plenty, I was thinking of picking again. The toast is really good. GA has been eating leftovers all week as dessert.

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