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by on January 16th, 2010

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12 comments to Truffled Parmesan Frites

  • I adore truffle fries, it’s one of those great comfortable luxuries.

  • Wow using truffle oil is a great idea, these must be so light and crisp. What kind of potatoes did you use? I love shoestrings have never been able to get them cripsy enough they burn…these look wonderful! Did you frie them or bake them sounded like you fried them but then when you said you sprinkled with with truffle oil I wasnt sure? Anyway the parmesan sounded awesome… I have had the artichokes being from NY okra didnt sound too appetizing to me, but fried asparagus is fabulous and dipped in curry sauce!

  • I fried them using my son’s deep fryer. they worked great. I tried baking them at a party (for 40) and it too at least 25 minutes). I drizzled the black truffle oil and if you don’t want it that strong, use white truffle oil. (I buy mine at Oil and Vinegar Store). I bought frozen “shoestring” potatoes. The very thin ones are too big for my cones. I also think a tempura green bean would be good and a lot cheaper than asparagus. I may try the aspargus though for friends. Hope you try them.

  • That’s looks delicious

  • Practical and good looking at the same time. Those bamboo wraps are so cool! : )

  • I love the bamboo cones! These would definitely be a hit.

  • Now that is Pomme Frite I can get down with!

  • Sherry

    I used frozen “shoestring” potatoes. I have tried bigger fries but they don’t work as well in my bamboo cones. I have tried baking them, but frying works much better. I’m borrowing my sons deep fryer in May do fry these for a party I’m catering. I sprinkle with truffle oil after they come out of deep fryer (or oven)

  • Thanks for sharing this link! Love the bamboo cones 🙂 And as I mentioned before, love, love, love fries. The whole “fries in a cone” reminds me of my trip to Europe. Good luck on the party!!

  • For my daughter’s wedding last year the caterer did these but put them in the tiny chinese takeout cartons. Easier to serve as they stood up on the tray.

  • Kimberly

    Did you fry these in truffle oil and then sprinkle them with more truffle oil, kosher salt and parmesan after they came out or did you fry them in a different type of oil? They look wonderful.

  • I fried these in regular vegetable oil and then barely sprinkled on the truffle oil once they were fried.