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by on December 21st, 2009

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8 comments to Garden Vegetable Terrine

  • Sherry

    I hope someone will try this recipe. It is a great little recipe and one that everyone always wanted. It will become a favorite at your parties — I guarantee it. — Sherry (aka Rosemaryandthegoat)

  • Excellent post as usual, thanks!

  • I’ve been looking through your website. You have some nice posts on here, especially this one – I really liked it…nice post. Consider yourself bookmarked

  • Sherry

    Daryl, This is a great little recipe. As I said in the post, it took me a long time to try it because I thought it sounded great. I have been making it for years for parties I cater and surprising enough, men usually love it too. You can try sugar-free jello if you want and it doesn’t change the taste at all. Please subscribe and you will be notified anytime we post a new recipe. — Sherry (aka rosemaryandthegoat)

  • Leigh Murray

    I can attest to the absolutely deliciousness of this dip. Sherry served it at one of my parties and everyone loved it!

  • Sherry

    Leigh, so glad you have enjoyed this recipe. I was glad to finally share it with you.

  • Marti

    What are Rotel Tomatoes??

  • Rotel is tomatoes packed with green chiles. That’s a brand name. Usually stores have store brand. Just look for tomatoes with green chiles