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by on April 19th, 2018

Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake


Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cake?

I attempted to make what was suppose to be a wonderful chocolate bundt cake for my friend’s, (Gordon) birthday. It was from a Paris blog that I have followed for years but I have to say the results were disappointing and in fact the driest chocolate cake I have ever made.

What had attracted me to this recipe was the shape of the bundt pan. Did I need another pan in my pantry, heck no. But, do I want one? Of course.

When I mention chocolate cake to my son Paul, we always get a laugh. Seems like because my grandfather loved chocolate cake with canned syrupy peaches on the side my grandmother got it in her head that was Paul’s favorite dessert and anytime we went back to Missouri for a visit she always had a chocolate cake waiting for him and even though he didn’t even touch any kind of fruit back then (especially canned peaches) she had canned peaches chilled in the refrigerator. Believe it or not the peaches were good with the cake. These days if I could get my hands on a good fresh peach I’d be eating it besides my chocolate cake.

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by on April 13th, 2018

Sensation Salad with Avocado


Sensational salad!

I first had a sensation salad with my friend, Janice, at Magnolia Cafe in St. Francisville, LA. My first thought was boy is this a simple salad — lettuce and dressing and some cheese. Simple is good sometimes when you want a salad to go with say, pizza and don’t want to fuss about a lot of ingredients.

From my search, I found almost all recipes were the same. Most recipes tore up the greens but what I remembered about my sensation(al) salad was that the lettuce was kind of shredded like you would for tacos but maybe not as thin. Of course, I just had to mess with the original and I thought that some fresh avocado would be great with the salad and the dressing and of course the pizza that we were doing on our Kamodo Joe smoker. Ok, so I couldn’t quit thinking of what else to add to this salad. With all this shredded iceberg lettuce that is traditional, why not add another shade of green by adding some shredded romaine; and why stop there? I threw in some good blue cheese with the Romano. And, next time I might throw in some tomato and fried bacon bits. Maybe that wouldn’t still be called a Sensation Salad but it would taste SENSATIONAL!

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by on April 7th, 2018

Snowball Cake


Winter might be over, but….

Winter may be over but this Snowball Cake can be served at any Spring or Summer dinner. No, it isn’t made from snow but looks like a big pan of soft fluffy ingredients and you won’t get “brain freeze” like we use to from eating snow cream.

This dessert was one of my mother’s favorites that she would make for us. I guess it is named “snowball” because of the color of the cake. I don’t remember if she made the angel food cake from scratch or from a box but it’s great no matter what kind of angel food cake you use.

Put angel food cake in any dessert and it lightens the calories by half. (That’s what I’m guessing and that’s probably not true.) I didn’t use the Dream Whip that my mother’s recipe called for but opted for whipping cream. When I make a dessert I want it to be delicious and luscious and have you wanting more, Dream Whip doesn’t do that for me, ya just gotta use the real stuff.

My sister and I had changed my mother’s Dream Whip in this dessert to Cool Whip which is better than Dream Whip but then neither is as good as a carton of rich cream, sweetened a little and whipped up into a light fluffy cloud of goodness.

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by on April 1st, 2018

Orange Chicken with Veggies


Beautiful chicken dish.

I love cooking and eating Asian foods and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to cook it more often.

My favorite dinner party would be to make my homemade egg rolls, maybe some type of dumping with dipping sauces for an appetizer and then a small bowl of my Egg Flower Soup, followed by some Teriyaki Flank Steak, Fried Rice (or lo mein) and a Bitter Greens Salad with Yuzu Dressing Oh, and of course to go with the main dish, my Shrimp Foo Yung.

I’ve never tried any Asian desserts I have liked that much. Almond cookies or ok but that’s not dessert. Maybe my Bananas in Creme Fraiche rolled in Coconut on top of some raspberry puree would make a tasty dessert and my Nutella Cherry Dumplings along side the banana rolls for a little added crunch.

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by on March 26th, 2018

Pickled Mustard Seed


You say, what am I to do with these pickled mustard seeds?

Don’t you love mustard? I do. At this moment I have nine different kinds of mustard in my refrigerator.

I love it on burgers, on bologna sandwiches with pile of chips on top and then crushed by the top slice of bread. I love mustard on French Fries (I’ve never eaten catsup on a fry.) and get this, I like a little dab of yellow mustard beside my white beans. A little chow chow, a little mustard and the beans are fantastic. And, you can’t forget about hot dogs and pretzels when it comes to a good smear of mustard. How about on top of some fried green tomatoes or a good grilled cheese sandwich with some bacon and pickled mustard seed on the inside. Let me know if you make them and if you do something really different with them.

This post is making my cheeks pucker just thinking about all the things I like mustard on. When my sister and I were kids we loved making mustard sandwiches with white bread and mustard; no meat, just mustard and bread. These mustard seeds can be used in salads, dressings or dips. These little orbs explode in your mouth.

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