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by on October 25th, 2016

Chocolate Espresso Pizzelles

Out with the old, in with the new.

A person who likes to bake and cook can never have too many pans or utensils, can they? Maybe I don’t need three pans to make chocolate bouchons which are chocolate “cork” shaped cakes made by Thomas Keller; at the time I bought these molds I worked at Williams Sonoma and was catering and if I were to make these 12 would not have been enough, I needed at least 36 at a time. So is the story behind most of my pans like my 24 tiny 1″ x 2″ bread […]

by on September 30th, 2016

Peachy Pistachio Ice Cream


Summer may be over but never wrong season for some homemade ice cream.

They said that the first day of Fall was September 22. Not here in Texas. It’s still pretty hot outside and when it’s hot, I want to make some ice cream.

I ran across some good peaches at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and just had to make a couple of jars of peach preserves and with the peaches that didn’t get go into the preserves I made this peachy pistachio ice cream and it did its job and cooled us down on a hot […]

by on August 16th, 2016

Tropical Rum Cream Pie


A smooth and creamy pie with colorful fruits.

How is it possible to have a recipe that I have forgotten for 30 years. Years ago my sister and I put together a cookbook of our favorite recipes and then a few years later we did another one (Two Peas In A Pod). This recipe for Rum Pie was in our first book that we called “Double Delight” (after all we are twins, so a fitting name.)

Recently I was looking through one of our book for a particular recipe we both use to cook and decided to revisit our […]

by on August 6th, 2016

Coconut Chocolate Raspberry Squares


Nestles makes the very best choco-late.

For about 20 years after moving to Texas I catered; I had my first job about a month after moving here for our realtor, then our builder and then for a corporation and after that things picked up and I was most doing corporate work except at Christmas time where I was booked mostly for cocktail parties and I also did showers, weddings, and graduation parties. My favorite party to cater, by far, was a cocktail party because I love little food. It’s a lot more work doing all those little pieces of […]

by on June 26th, 2016

Buttermilk Ice Cream with Bourbon Peaches and Other Friends


My peach friends are blackberries and blueberries.

Do we ever get tired of ice cream? When it is hot as blazes here in Texas, ice cream is the only thing that will cool you down short of jumping in the swimming pool.

While Blue Bell was taking their break in the ice cream making business, I wouldn’t buy any other brand. If it is not Blue Bell, then I’m going to make my own. And, even when it started showing up on the shelves again, I only wanted to buy their “light” because to me that is their best.


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